Recording starts today

At long last When Seas Become Skies will step foot into the recording studio and pound out some nice recordings to share! Very excited!

Bored in comp. science? Add random colors!

When you are bored in computer science what do you do? Why, piss off the teacher by opening 50 JFrames all flashing different colors of course! Sorry Mr. Mason, we all love you!


Freedom Landscape

Freedom comes in all forms; fat sheep, happy (pedophile) men, giant (pedophile) water slides and much more, including trees. You can also book your vacation at the Freedom Love Shack, pictured to the right for a nice cozy FREEDOM filled stay in the greatest nation on Earth!

Coding is frustrating at times

It just… programming is great. But sometimes it just gets to be too much when you’ve been debugging an application for hours trying to solve an issue you know little about. Projects die quickly like that, I hate it. Sigh back to work…

One of the oddest looking lines of code I’ve written!

In my Android game I am working on, I needed to write a line of code that returns a byte from a list of tiles that I pass in, but it has to be random. Simple problem to solve really, but the one liner looks very odd! Take a look:

public static byte getRandTile(Tile... tiles) {
          return (byte) (tiles[(byte) Constants.rand.nextInt(tiles.length)].getID());

What does it do? It takes in a list of tiles, then returns a random byte within the length of the array using a special byte to Tile look up function in my tiles class. Look at all the boxing though! It’s an ugly line of code alright!

Oh, the humanity of us all

Slip and Fall

There I was at 7:30 AM, just like every other morning. School. I take small steps across the icy concrete, clutching a recently used paper plate that held my meager breakfast. Step after tiny step. I move closer to the doors of this godforsaken place, getting ready to stand the abuse and onslaught of information that my ears will be forced to accept today, just like every other day. Except this morning I take a right turn. Where am I going? What am I doing? I’m heading for the trash can. The paper plate is no longer a valuable asset to me, so I must dispose of it as all it is, is an inconvenience. I turn around quickly, check over my shoulder to see who has just exited their own vehicle as I hear a car door slam. My worst enemy. His name shall not be mentioned here for privacy concerns, but let’s just say I don’t enjoy his company. I hurry towards the can that disposes of waste known as the trash can, step after tiny step across the frigid concrete. The trash can in arm’s length, I reach forward to push my waste into the bin, successfully completing the transfer, and straightening my shoulders to begin my every slow walk towards the doors that allow the entry of living creatures into the school’s depths. But wait! Something is wrong! My foot is no longer in contact with the ground, and hasn’t been for almost a second! Oh no, I’m about to fall! With a great resounding SMACK I slap into the frigid concrete hip first and lie there for a second. My worst enemy snickers behind me, my shoe has fallen off my foot and I am laying on the ground covered in embarrassment. But what’s this? Suddenly my throat opens up and I bellow out a rather convincing laugh. A laugh, no doubt; it’s high pitched and squealing and merry for sure. I push myself off this pavement, reaching back to retrieve my shoe that sits upon the ground, and march forward towards the ever looming doors, still beaming and laughing away. What’s this though? The lady standing near the door who apparently has authority in this establishment stammers out “Do you… Do you want to sign some papers??. I inwardly sigh and look at her like she is some fool. I respond with a merry laugh, “Why no, I would not like to sign your retched papers, I am completely and utterly fine!”. She looks at me aghast, and offers again (which I of course decline!), and then I walk out of their, leaving a hall full of confused muggles sitting around wondering what in the hell just happened!

- A tribute to this idiotic world which believes that anyone will sue given a chance to. I’m rather offended the lady didn’t ask if I was ok!